Giving back to our community

Supporting youth leadership development

Hume Learning is passionate about giving back to the community by supporting youth leadership development. We focus on those people who might not ordinarily have an opportunity to experience our depth of learning. We are keen to help build our next generation of leaders. We do this through working with an allocated number of secondary and tertiary students free of charge each year to prepare them for school leadership interviews, write persuasive CV’s, and rehearse for specific job interviews. This ensures that they have clear key messages tailored for each situation, and can deliver in a confident manner.

Rosemary helped me prepare for an important leadership interview with the school heads of staff. I was quite nervous about the interview and hadn’t thought through properly what I wanted to say. She asked me really good questions which helped me to develop my main points. I also learnt how important it was to make good eye contact. I felt really well prepared and confident in my interview. My head commented how well I presented myself, and I got the leadership role I wanted.
Year 12 school student

I had been unsuccessful in a few job interviews and needed to do something differently to stand out. Rosemary coached me on how to edit my CV and covering letter so it was more relevant for each job I applied for. She helped me to adapt the way I communicated so I could connect more easily with the people interviewing me and look really confident. She was relentless in making sure I made my messages persuasive for each organisation. I had never been taught how to do this properly before. I went to an interview the following day and was offered a great job.
Commerce graduate

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