It is critical that you are able to create a true competitive differentiation in today’s market when you are pitching to win or retain business. We work with you and your sales team to significantly increase your success rate when pitching for business. Ideally you are applying these strategies early on so the client does not have the need to go through a formal tender or RFP  process. We combine a rigorous and proven pitch planning process with the highest level of persuasive communication skills to ensure your pitch team and your pitch documents stand out from competitors.

How we can work with you

We work with organisations in the following ways:

  • Auditing your current sales pitch environment
  • Assisting in enhancing your strategic pitching processes
  • Up skilling your sales teams in pitching for business
  • Pitch consulting on a specific bid – to win or retain business.

Auditing your current sales pitch environment

  • Reviewing your existing sales pitch processes and approaches including looking at your track record – wins and losses
  • Reviewing your pitch documents to assess your ability to write persuasive documents
  • Skills audit to assess your presenting ability and how you manage your clients
  • Interviewing your clients and other stakeholders to assess how they view your strengths and areas of development.

Assisting in enhancing your strategic pitch processes

We can recommend changes to your existing pitch processes to enhance them. Processes we typically review include:

  • Qualification criteria
  • Leading a pitch
  • Client meeting planning
  • Development of key persuasive messages
  • Managing actions and timeline
  • Gathering relevant information from key stakeholders
  • Capturing evidence
  • Structuring a pitch document
  • Planning a pitch presentation
  • Preparing for negotiations
  • Embedding pitch processes into your organisation.

Up skilling your sales teams in pitching

We can design and deliver a pitching development programme for your sales team to suit your needs. Key areas we typically cover include:

  • Development of a pitch strategy and persuasive key messages
  • Running effective client meetings including asking the right questions at the right time to get the information you need
  • Persuasive pitch document writing
  • Compelling pitch presentations
  • Using the media effectively
  • Collaborative negotiation
  • Leading a pitch team.

Pitch consulting – to win or retain business

You can engage Hume Learning on a specific bid, ideally starting prior to an RFP process. We reinforce the pitch processes and skills required through facilitation and coaching, and bring an objective perspective to your pitch.  Consulting can include:

  • Facilitating internal sessions to develop a pitch strategy, persuasive key messages and agree on actions
  • Coaching for high stakes meetings
  • Editing your pitch documents
  • Assisting with planning your pitch presentations
  • Rehearsing the presentation with the pitch delivery team – videoing and critique
  • Planning for your pitch negotiation.


We can help you to increase your success rate when pitching for business through ensuring you have:

  • A transferable pitch process which is designed specifically for your organisation. This will give you a consistent approach to pitching and a common language
  • Pitch teams that are confident and motivated to manage the pitch process effectively
  • A better understanding of what needs to be done to win the high stakes and complex bids
  • The ability to manage competing priorities effectively and focus on what needs to be done to win the pitch.

We can offer you perspectives from other industries and pitching environments, helping you think beyond your traditional approach.

Next steps

We will come and meet with you to understand your needs. We can then design and deliver a pitching solution for you.

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