Writing persuasive proposals

Leaders and managers need to have the competence to write persuasive proposals that differentiate their ideas and/or offerings. This programme focuses on the processes, structures and techniques you require to write a clear, concise and persuasive document. You may be writing a Board or Executive paper recommending a change in the business, or preparing a persuasive response for a client. This practical programme will give you a deeper understanding of how to maximize the effectiveness of your persuasive writing tools and skills. As we progress through this workshop, participants will be planning or editing their own persuasive document.

Content topics

  • Overview of process to write persuasive proposals
  • Analysing your readers to understand their motivators and how you can persuade each decision maker and key influencer
  • Recognising and adapting to each key reader’s communication style
  • Setting clear communication objectives
  • Creating persuasive messages which differentiate your proposal and are relevant to each individual
  • Structuring a persuasive document
  • Writing tips including conciseness, brevity, active language,  1st 2nd 3rd person options
  • Layout and design
  • Editing tips, publishing your document
  • Individual development plan.


  • Fine tuning your persuasive proposal writing skills including analysing your audience, and creating compelling persuasive messages
  • Be able to  persuade the reader at both rational and emotional levels to commit to and take the actions required
  • Having the ability to plan and write a clear, succinct and persuasive document, ensuring the process of writing is efficient
  • Use of relevant, concise language that gets your key messages across effectively
  • Understanding that all persuasive documents should be written from the reader(s) point of view, using the appropriate style and language
  • Individual focus on the persuasive writing skills you need to develop.

You will each have specific outcomes that you want to focus on. We will share these at the beginning of the workshop to ensure we work collaboratively together to enhance our learning.


  • One day group workshop. Pre-workshop activities
  • Critiquing of a persuasive document, followed by a one hour individual coaching session within one month of the workshop focusing on your persuasive document.

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