Enabling you to deliver greater customer value

Unique learning & development offer – creating innovation, growing leaders, enabling change, and influencing & sales.

At Hume Learning we have developed a unique service offering through client insights which combines learning in four key areas of need to deliver greater customer value – creating innovation, growing leaders, enabling change, and influencing & selling. We help businesses develop pragmatic learning and development solutions that deliver outcomes. We also support you with strategic planning facilitation, and organisational development services to ensure you have the vision, strategies, structures and culture in place for business success.



We build your capability across the business to embace an innovation culture and use human centred design methodologies. This creates customer experiences that deliver greater value. Customer demand patterns are evolving rapidly. Having the capability to rapidly make sense of these and continually seize opportunities to create greater value for the customer ...
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Turning powerful insights into great strategies, and enabling performance is at the core of leadership. Crafting strategies that deliver greater value to customers, employees and shareholders can be challenging. When facilitating strategic planning sessions, our clients tell us that we help them to synthesize customer insights, debate issues and ideas, deal with ...
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We enable our clients to realise the full value of their change programmes through coaching, training and advising. People need to be able to understand the reason for change, feel motivated to engage in the change, and shift their mindset and behaviours to embed the change. We are in an environment of ...
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We all need to have the ability to build trusted relationships and tell persuasive stories to gain buy in. How successful are you at building trusted relationships and telling stories that persuade your customers to purchase from you and stakeholders to support you? What sales plans and processes are in place to ...
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Our team can take on a number of roles when working with you – coach, trainer, designer, facilitator, advisor and project manager. We will meet with you to understand your issues and discuss what the best approaches are to achieve your objectives. We use human centered design methodologies and tools so we can all share our ideas, experiences and learnings to design and deliver a unique solution for you and your organisation.

We also offer a range of public programmes. These enable leaders and managers to participate in collaborative development programmes with business colleagues from a variety of organisations, network, and share learnings. Refer to our ‘Public programmes‘ section for more details.

Please contact us to talk about how we can work with you to empower and develop your people to deliver greater value for customers and achieve exceptional results.

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