Influencing & selling

We all need to have the ability to build trusted relationships and tell persuasive stories to gain buy in.

How successful are you at building trusted relationships and telling stories that persuade your customers to purchase from you and stakeholders to support you? What sales plans and processes are in place to align the daily activities of your sales people with the sales strategies? Influencing and selling are necessary skills for us all in business. You may be influencing a colleague to adopt your approach or strategy, selling your products/services to a customer, overcoming resistance from a colleague to initiate a change, or needing to deepen your relationship with a client. At Hume Learning we focus on the processes, mindset, skills and behaviours you need to confidently influence or sell successfully to a variety of stakeholders. We can offer you perspectives from other industries and markets, and help you to explore innovative approaches to gain agreement and win business.

We work with you to build you influencing and selling capabilities. These are some of the areas that we incorporate into influencing and selling development programmes.

  • Developing sales plans & strategies
  • Mapping sales processes
  • Growing sales leadership skills
  • Channel management
  • Portfolio planning
  • Pipeline management
  • Pitching for high stakes bids
  • Building trusted relationships
  • Creating active partnerships
  • Influencing & sales communication
  • Developing value propositions
  • Networking & warming up the call
  • Understanding customer/client needs
  • Presenting persuasively
  • Collaborative negotiation skills
  • Writing persuasive documents
  • Managing conflict
  • Running effective sales meetings

Influencing & selling development

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