Enabling change

We enable our clients to realise the full value of their change programmes through coaching, training and advising.

People need to be able to understand the reason for change, feel motivated to engage in the change, and shift their mindset and behaviours to embed the change. We are in an environment of disruption and rapid change with a focus on the customer experience. Successful organisations are change agile and are continuously adapting to local and global business environments and customer needs. We specialise in working with your change leaders and mangers to build change capability when there is a requirement to develop new mindsets, skills and processes which enable sustainable change in your business.  Without gaining the emotional buy in of your people, even the most well-planned change strategy will ultimately fail. Through coaching, training and advising, we enable our clients to realise the full value of their change and transformation programmes by maximising benefits, and minimising costs and the impact on people.

You may be a leader, project change manager or going through a change yourself. We can work with you to:

  • Conduct a current state analysis of change maturity and change capability within your organisation
  • Assist you in developing a compelling change vision, change strategies and implementation plan
  • Complete a change impact analysis and risks assessment to ensure the full impact of the proposed change is understood
  • Grow the change capability of your leaders through coaching and training so they can effectively lead change projects and support other change projects in your business
  • Explore how you can build a high performing change team to lead and champion your change
  • Ensure your key stakeholders are engaged with and informed about the change
  • Review your organisational structure, and develop role profiles and competency frameworks to ensure your business is structured with the right capabilities to execute your change strategies
  • Support impacted teams and individuals to adapt to the change
  • Develop and execute training plans to build the knowledge, skills and mindset needed to implement the change
  • Troubleshoot change challenges
  • Review your change project following completion.

We look forward to discussing your change capability needs and partnering with you to design a solution that will optimise your change programmes.

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