Coaching to realise potential

During this workshop we will look at the tools and mindset you need to confidently coach your team, peers, manager or other stakeholders. This will assist in creating a learning culture that is focused on high performance and is motivational, collaborative and enjoyable. Coaching will assist in successfully driving change and executing strategies.  Productivity is increased with staff working more smartly.  Skills are strengthened giving a greater depth of talent, and leaders are more confident when delegating tasks. People are generally feeling more motivated and valued with their managers and others supporting them and focusing on their development. Our goal is to assist you in realising the potential of others through coaching. This workshop can be tailored to specifically coach sales people.

Content topics

  • Defining coaching. When to coach and when not to coach
  • Coach versus manager relationship
  • Structuring a coaching conversation
  • Building rapport, flexibility to adapt communication style to suit the coachee
  • Effective questioning, active and non judgemental listening
  • Directive and non directive approaches – dependant on level of skill and motivation
  • Coaching agreement, planning and recording
  • The power of perception – looking at future potential, not past behaviour
  • Giving feedback and advice, and challenging the coachee
  • Balancing performance, learning and enjoyment.  Celebrating success
  • Coaching real plays
  • Individual development plan.


  • Being equipped with the tools and techniques to lead an effective coaching conversation
  • Developing a performance based culture encouraging personal accountability
  • Increased confidence in identifying, interpreting and managing behavioural challenges and situations. Knowing what approach will work for each individual and situation
  • Increasing your awareness around how you can motivate  and support people’s development
  • A better understanding of the benefits  coaching will bring to your organisation including breaking down silos, encouraging lateral thinking and problem solving, improved collaboration, increased confidence and instilling excellence
  • A greater understanding of self.

You will each have specific outcomes that you want to focus on. We will share these at the beginning of the workshop to ensure we work collaboratively together to enhance our learning.


  • Pre-workshop activities
  • Group workshop – two days
  • One hour individual coaching session within one month of the workshop.

For further enquiries about this programme, please contact us.

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