Negotiating collaboratively

Securing major agreements

In high stakes business dealings we are typically wanting to negotiating collaborative agreements which continue to strengthen the relationship between the two parties. Leaders and managers need to be able to lead negotiations effectively to ensure both parties can work together collaboratively to achieve their business objectives. This programme focuses on the processes and behaviours you require to confidently negotiate a high stakes agreement. You may be negotiating a complex contract or a way of working with an employee, team, supplier or client. This practical programme will give you a deeper understanding of how to maximize the effectiveness of your negotiation tools and skills.

Workshop content topics

  • Planning a high stakes negotiation – focus on your own negotiation scenario
  • Opening your negotiation
  • Questioning and active listening techniques to understand interests, perceptions, values, current options and obstacles
  • Generating a variety of further options
  • Use of tactics – recognising, and using to overcome resistance and conflict
  • Creating persuasive messages
  • Bargaining
  • Gaining final agreement and next steps
  • Negotiation scenarios, with individual critiquing and coaching
  • Individual development plan.


  • Skills to plan the negotiation approach for each situation so the parties can work together collaboratively and achieve quality outcomes
  • Greater ability to separate the issues from people’s behaviours, and defuse the emotion and tension when required
  • Greater confidence when negotiating
  • A range of negotiation tools to use with the group to understand issues, generate options, solve problems, make objective decisions, and learn
  • Fine tuning your negotiation and communication skills to control the process effectively and achieve your objectives
  • Individual focus on which negotiation skills you need to develop.

You will each have specific outcomes that you want to focus on. We will share these at the beginning of the workshop to ensure we work collaboratively together to enhance our learning.


  • One day group workshop. Pre-workshop activities
  • One hour individual coaching session within one month of the workshop to focus on a high stakes negotiation you have coming up.

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