Fiona Hyland

Fiona HylandDirector

Strategy, innovation, leadership, change, sales

Fiona is a senior business leader with a focus on business strategy, strategic brand marketing, insight led innovation, and developing new market and channel opportunities. She has a depth of experience delivering successful and sustainable growth initiatives in both local and export markets, with a particular focus on Asia and digital markets. Fiona believes that unlocking the ability and talents of your people, and aligning with an innovative business strategy are at the core of business accomplishment.

She has led global and local teams for some of New Zealand’s most recognised companies across the food, beverage and retail sectors. Fiona pulls on her proven expertise in identifying the foundations of success, and developing and delivering a strong export led business growth strategy. Adapting with pace and continually innovating are essential to ensuring success in the fast changing FMCG and digitally driven markets.

Fiona is a skilled and recognised people leader and coach, unlocking the true potential of teams, and quickly identifying and building on each team member’s strengths. She knows the importance of working alongside suppliers and customers, and understands the interdependence of achieving sustainable growth.

Fiona has a passion for unleashing the amazing potential of our youth. She mentors students, helping them to identify and articulate their strengths and untapped potential as they enter the workforce and build their career. You’ll find Fiona relaxing with her family and friends out on the water – swimming, skiing, fishing and exploring interesting picnic spots to enjoy.

Fiona has a Bachelor of Business Studies from Massey University. She has been trained in leadership and coaching, innovation methodologies, and sales processes.

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