Facilitating meeting outcomes

A facilitator’s role in a group meeting is typically to lead the planning or problem solving process, and empower the participants to come up with the ideas and commit to the agreed actions. Leaders and managers need to be able to facilitate meetings effectively to ensure stakeholders can work together collaboratively to achieve business goals and outcomes.  This programme focuses on the processes and behaviours you require to confidently facilitate meetings. You may be facilitating a group to solve a current business issue, or working with a team to build their annual plan or improve performance. This practical programme will give you a deeper understanding of how to maximize the effectiveness of your facilitation tools and skills.

Workshop content topics

  • Planning a facilitation – focus on your own facilitation scenario
  • Opening your facilitation – what, how, roles
  • Creating a set of norms to work within
  • The facilitator’s mindset
  • Tools to define issues and solve problems
  • Questioning and active listening techniques to guide the conversation, ensuring everyone is involved and staying on track
  • Behaviours which motivate your group or team
  • Strategies to overcome resistance and conflict
  • Accurate recording of thoughts and actions
  • Facilitation rehearsals, with individual critiquing and coaching
  • Individual development plan.


  • Skills to plan the facilitation structure and approach for each group and objective so they work together collaboratively and make quality decisions in a timely way
  • The ability and confidence to connect with participants to set the right tone for the facilitation
  • A range of tools to use with the group to define issues, generate ideas, solve problems, make decisions, and learn
  • Fine tuning your facilitation skills to communicate and control the process confidently
  • Individual tips on which facilitation skills you need to develop.

You will each have specific outcomes that you want to focus on. We will share these at the beginning of the workshop to ensure we work collaboratively together to enhance our learning.

If you want to specifically focus on your presentation delivery skills please review our Presenting Persuasively programme.


  • One day group workshop. Pre-workshop activities
  • One hour individual coaching planning session within one month of the workshop focusing on a specific facilitation you have coming up.

For further enquiries about this programme, please contact us.

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